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It's really nice to belong to something. Especially if it's a group of like-minded folks who think about writing more than is healthy. It is quite likely that your family and friends are tired of hearing you talk about your characters and plot, so why not find a group of people who can't wait to hear about it?

Enter the Newbie Writer website. This is a place for writers of all genres to gather, learn, and share with each other.

If you sign up for the free Newbie Writer Newsletter, you'll receive a free ebook, The Newbie Writer's Resource Guide.

The Forums page is where you might want to explore a little. Here, you'll find threads on all the topics writers are interested in: How To's, Calls for Submissions, Writing Prompts, Review, Q&A, and just writers talking about whatever topic they enjoy.

You may want to check out the Newbie Writer's Blog, which you can find here.

Dawn Copeman, who began the site, keeps an ever-changing list of writing prompts here.

In the Resource Section, you'll find reviews of writing books, and a list of online courses--several of them free.

On the Learn the Craft page, there are links to sixteen different articles for fiction and non-fiction writers.

And for you freelancers, the Jobs for Writers page has a great list of resources for you to find more writing jobs.

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