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I love authors who give back. I've got a whole list of them. Authors who've reached their goal of publication, and despite the crazy schedule of promoting their books while writing new ones, still pass on vital information through their blogs, free courses, ebooks and workshops.

Holly Lisle is one of these. Yes, she offers some courses for a fee, but this author gives away a staggering amount of informations. Lisle is a fantasy, science fiction, and suspense writer, but she is an excellent teacher of writing. No matter what your genre, you'll learn something from this hard-working author.

Newsletter. Holly's free newsletter is full of information on the craft of writing. And when you sign up, she'll send you a free ebook called 396 Books and Other Resources Writers Recommend to Kickstart Your Writing, Stand your Thinking On Its Head, and Vastly Increase Your Ability to Write What You Know. Despite the incredibly long title, the list of books (and why they are helpful) is a great resource that I've referred to often.

Articles and Ebooks. Holly offers a long list of articles for authors to read.
Assess Your Novel-Writing Progress With These Four Questions 
Create, Complicate, Resolve: The Keys to Keeping Your Readers Interested
4 Thinking Barriers That Keep You From Writing...And Succeeding 
4 Steps To Finding Your Novel's Market 
Life, Passion... Deadline 
Planning A Heart-Stopping Story 
Interweaving Your Novel's Themes And Subthemes 
Dig Deeper With Your Novel's Subthemes 
Playing Chicken With Your Story 
Burying Your Novel's Message 
How To Find Your Novel's Pulse 
Does Your Novel Have A Heartbeat? 

Besides the free ebook that comes with Holly's newsletter, she has another free one called Mugging the Muse: Writing Fiction for Love AND Money. The same page has links to a great writer's forum called Forward Motion. In case you're curious about her writing, Holly has posted two of her novels free online.

Workshops and Courses. Are you having a hard time with writing dialogue? Holly offers a free Dialogue Workshop to help you finetune what your characters are saying. For writers in the middle of plotting their novel, check out Holly's free Professional Plot Outline Mini-CourseWriting fantasy? Do your characters speak a different language? Don't miss Holly's free Create a Language Clinic


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