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I'm excited to introduce you to C. Hope Clark this week. She is one of the most generous writers I know, spending who-knows-how many hours giving away valuable information to writers around the world. Maybe I'll develop a "generous writer" prize someday. If so, Clark would be the first winner.

C. Hope Clark's website, Funds for Writers, contains a wealth of information. Make sure to bookmark it, because you'll need to come back and browse more than once.

One of the things that Hope spends time on, is locating writing contests, grants and submission guidelines for magazines, so that you, the writer can get down to the business of writing. With the information she gathers, Hope writes not one, but four newsletters, plus a blog.

Funds for Writers Newsletter is a free online newsletter highlighting markets that pay $350 and up.

Funds for Writers Small Markets Newsletter is also free. It contains markets that pay less than $350, but they all pay something. If you're just starting out getting publishing credits, these sources are a good place to start.

Writing Kid Newsletter is a free newsletter for kids in elementary grades through college. If you know a kid who likes to write, what better motivation for them than actually getting published? Like Hope, I'm passionate about passing on a love of writing to kids. I've recommended her newsletter for years when I teach creative writing.

Total Funds for Writers is Hope's fee-based newsletter. It's a steal at $15 for 26 issues, all with different information from the other newsletters, and the highest paying markets.

Sign up for any of these newsletters at Hope's website. You can also read the archives online.

On Hope's blog, she shares more information on grants, contests and markets. Her blog information does not duplicate the newsletter content, so be sure to check it often. She also shares her perspective on different issues in publishing.

A novelist herself, Hope was a finalist in 2009 in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition, and was a finalist for the RWA Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence. She also writes ebooks and has a huge number of writing credits in print and online. C. Hope Clark is one busy lady with a big heart for writers.

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