Agent Friday: Mary Kole

Just in case you haven't noticed, each of the literary agents I've highlighted so far happen to be agents who maintain a blog. Why? It doesn't mean that these agents are better or worse than a non-blogging agent. It's just that through blogging, an agent gives you a glimpse into their personality, likes & dislikes, and the way they think about the submissions they see.

Today's agent is Mary Kole, with the well-known Andrea Brown Literary Agency. She represents YA, middle grade, and unique picture books. Her blog is, which was recently listed in the coveted Writers Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers.

Some of my favorite posts:

Giving yourself permission to try new things with your manuscript in Give Yourself License to Try.

Mary answers the question: Can you write about a particular "issue" if you haven't lived it yourself? Find out in If you Write About an Issue, Do It Justice.

Discover what Mary considers A Writer's Worst Enemy.

What Show, Don't Tell Really Means

And something all writers need to know: When To Cut Something out of Your Manuscript.

Would you like to learn a little more about Mary Kole? Here are some online interviews.

The Editorial Department

The Nanowrimo Blog

Guide to Literary Agents

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