Agent Friday: Michael Larsen

When you've been in the publishing business over 40 years, you've seen the ups, the downs, the trends, and the books with staying power. Wouldn't you like to pick the brain of a person with that kind of perspective? It's time to get to know Michael Larsen.

Larsen is half of the husband-wife agenting team at the Larsen-Pomada Literary Agency. He shares his insights and opinions regularly on his blog.

Just last week, Larsen blogged about 12 Ways to Excite Pros About Your Novel.

A few other great posts:
Selling By Telling: Speaking From the Heart. Why being able to speak as an author is important. Choosing effective topics, and how to minimize a fear of speaking.

The Building Blocks for a Writing Career. Seventeen tips to help you develop longevity in your profession.

A Page a Day, A Book a Year: You Can Do It! A simple method for making time to write.

Making Your Book Unputdownable. Self-explanatory, but Larsen tells how to make a book gripping, even if it's non-fiction.

The Larsen-Pomada site has quite a bit of information, as well. There's an excellent (and long) list of links on the Resource Page.  They've also put together a page full of humorous quotes that they add to every year. You'll find it at The Little Book of Laughter and Forgetting.

Larsen's article on why Books Can Change the World. You'll find sixteen more articles on the Larsen-Pomada site under "The Savvy Author". Worthwhile reading.

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