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I don't write crime novels, but I figure there are some of you who don't want to be left out in the cold when it comes to free resources. So, if  the police blotter in the paper is the first thing you turn to, and you figure out the whodunit on CSI halfway through the show, and you inhale crime novels, I've got the perfect spot for you.

Crimespace is an online network of readers and writers of crime fiction. Think of it as Facebook for crime addicts. On this free site, members can talk about their favorite books, share what they're writing, and discover authors they haven't heard of yet.

On Crimespace, there are forums for readers and writers on all kinds of topics of interest to crime fans. You'll find photos of recently released books, and dozens of video trailers to view. There's also a list of events, from conferences and workshops, to book signings and the latest news. Members may also post their blogs on the site for others to read. If you blog about crime, this is the place to advertise it.

My favorite page on the site is the resource page (go figure). It would have taken me days of searching to find even half of the links posted on this one page. What will you find there? Links to news, podcasts and ezines for crime writers. Lists of print magazines, conferences, and competitions. A collection of awards, organizations, and other discussion forums. And I didn't even touch on everything on the page.

Here are some of the links posted under "research"(because not everyone is born with a full knowledge of forensics):

Mystery Writers Resources
In Reference To Murder
Blood at the Source: Research Tips for Mystery Writers
DSM IV Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders
DNA Forensics
Handbook of Forensic Services-FBI
Computer Forensics
The Writer's Medical and Forensics Lab
Crime Scene Investigation
Crime and Clues
The Merck Manual Medical Library
Private Investigator Magazine

Also of interest to crime writers are these posts: Suspense Techniques and Links for Mystery Writers.

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