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If you were the author of twenty-six novels, with more to come, and you kept busy teaching workshops and writing craft books for writers, along with editing, speaking, and raising a family, how much time would you have to give back to writers? It would be easy to leave that job to others.

But not Susan May Warren.

Besides all of the above, she also blogs and runs a free online magazine for writers, called My Book Therapy Voices.

Here are some amazing articles from the magazine, which publishes new editions regularly. Susan May Warren writes some of the articles, along with a few others.

Word Painting for Emotional Effect gave me some excellent ideas on how to create an additional level of emotion in a manuscript. It's a technique used in the polishing stage. Have you ever created a "metaphorical word pool"? It will make your writing sing.

5 practical ideas for Pursuing the Dream When Time is Scarce gave me some great ideas. Numbers 2 and 3, especially.

Have you been discouraged by Contest Feedback? What to do with what you learn, and how to keep from letting it affect your writing.

Is your setting adding to the mood of your story, or is it "just there"? Check out Settings With Emotional Impact.

And for those of you revising and editing, try What Your Aunt Irma Never Told You About Revisions.

Visit Warren's website for more information on her workshops and writing books.


  1. Many thanks for introducing Susan! I'm heading over her way right now... :-)



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