Agent Friday: Anita Bartholomew

How would you like an agent who has been a professional book doctor? And an editorial consultant? And worked for Reader's Digest And has co-authored both memoir and historical fiction? Anita Bartholomew  of The Salkind Literary Agency is new to agenting, but not new to publishing. And she's actively looking for clients.

Of course, you know that I'm particularly fond of blogging agents, and Bartholomew does not disappoint. Her blog is called Editors and Authors, and though it's new, I believe her posts are ones to keep up with.

I really enjoyed her post about The Link Between Method Acting and Writing Believable Characters. It describes how Bartholomew co-wrote a doctor's memoir. The post reminds me of a book on the same topic, Getting Into Character.

In Don't Let Rejections Bring You Down, she shares excerpts of actual rejection letters for well-known books. It's nice to see that famous writers got rejected, too.

If you're self-publishing, have you considered whether an agent might be helpful? Check out Self-publishing: Opportunity or Oblivion?

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Also, on the agency website, under books, is an excellent article entitled How to Write a Winning Book Proposal. Clicking on articles will give you a selection of topics like How to Write a Bestseller, and 50 Ways for Authors to Make More Money.

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