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I've posted quite a few links to the excellent Writer's Digest magazine. However, I realized today, when reading C. Hope Clark's Twitter post, that I've neglected to mention another great publication for writers. The Writer Magazine.

Hope's tweet took me to a wonderful article, called 50 Simple Rules for Making it as a Writer. Of course, one click led to another, and before long, I had a long list of articles bookmarked. See if you feel the same way.

There's a free newsletter to sign up for, and if you'd like to preview the magazine, you can flip through some of the pages to get a feel for it. Some of the content is for subscribers only, but there's plenty of information available free.

The Writer Magazine lists contests you can enter, upcoming writer's conferences, a great database of local writer's groups, and a huge number of writing links, which I'll have to take time to explore. There is a writer's forum boasting nearly 20,000 members. The forum is free to use, you'll just need to complete a short registration.

What else will you find? A comprehensive list of articles to read, an active and informative staff blog, and a wonderful archive of past columns.

If you like what you see online, check out some actual copies at the library. And if you can't live without your own subscription, consider adding it to your birthday wish list.


  1. Hi, Debbie. Thanks for the comments on my blog, Adventures in Writing. I'll be honored if you featured it.

    I am always open to writing and professional questions, too.

  2. Thanks, Marilynn. I'll contact you via your web page with a few questions. Might as well turn it into an interview!



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