Agent Friday: Noah Lukeman

Noah Lukeman, of Lukeman Literary Agency, is an agent in such demand, that he no longer accepts unsolicited queries. However, busy as he is, Lukeman maintains a blog where he answers questions from writers, and he has written several books for writers polishing their manuscripts. On top of all that, he writes a monthly newsletter.

If I were that busy, I wonder if I'd take the time to write a blog, or work hard at giving away my ideas. Lukeman states on his website that he wants to give back to writers. Any takers?

Some gems from Noah Lukeman:

Lukeman's free 80 page ebook on how to write a query letter.

Must reading: How to Land (and keep) a Literary Agent (free 20pp. excerpt of the ebook)

The link to free excerpts of Lukeman's other writing books. You can read reviews of his books here.

What to put in your bio, if you've got nothing to brag about.

Lukeman explains how many pages an agent really reads.

Must authors really finish a manuscript before submitting to an agent?

An excellent interview with Noah Lukeman.

Do you have a question for Lukeman? Post it in the comments on his blog.

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