Agent Friday: Upstart Crow Literary

Upstart Crow Literary is a group of four agents who work together and share a blog. Have I mentioned lately how much I like agents who blog? Once you regularly read an agent blog, that agent is no longer a "mystery" to you, and you can more easily decide if they might be a good fit for you and your writing. And the side benefit is that you learn more about publishing in the process.

What things might you learn from Upstart Crow Literary?

Why a writer, even a contracted writer, needs to develop a lot of patience.

Whether or not to pitch your project as a series.

Does posting personal information on Facebook hurt a writing career?

Will an MFA help you or hurt your chances of securing an agent?

Simple instructions for how to write a book.

And how to write a one-sentence summary. (If you're motivated, work on your one-sentence summary, and enter it in agent Rachelle Gardner's contest today or tomorrow. Mine will be there.)

If you'd like to know more about Upstart Crow Literary, check out their frequently asked questions. They also have a nice Writer's Toolbox page, with links to good resources.

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