Agent Friday: Kathleen Ortiz

Our focus today, is agent Kathleen Ortiz, with Lowenstein Associates. [Note: as of 5/6/2011, Ortiz has moved to Nancy Coffey Literary.] It's funny how you run across a person. Yesterday, I posted about WriteOnCon, the free online writing conference. It was through one of the founders' blogs that I discovered Kathleen Ortiz, who is scheduled to be one of the presenters at the conference.

I learned quite a bit about Kathleen in this interview, which led me to her blog. Take a look at the blog posts I thought would be helpful:

Ortiz shares why she's picky about queries.

Some of her reasons for rejection.

How to write a synopsis.

Ortiz explains how she got into the business of publishing.

If you remember the post about the Absolute Write group, you'll be happy to know that you can ask Kathleen questions at the site. Check out the Ask the Agent Summer Spree. You can read another interview with her here.

Kathleen runs contests and giveaways fairly regularly. Stay tuned to her blog so you won't miss the next one.

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