Buckle Into Your Summer Writing Routine

My kids on an incredibly scary swing.
I'm back from vacation, and ready to get settled into my summer writing routine. How about you? Our family took some time last week to play in a couple of Colorado ski towns. When you have teenagers, it's hard to fit a family vacation around everyone's work schedules.

So now it's summer. It's really tempting to let fun activities and home projects take over writing time, but I'm setting some goals so that the summer doesn't slip by without dedicated progress on my manuscript. Here's what I'm thinking.

Eating at a vintage drive-in.
Each day will begin with writing time, before anything else. If I can get a good hour or two in, then any writing time the rest of the day is a bonus. And I'll keep the internet turned off till I'm done.

I'll make use of time on the road. Some of my best ideas come while I'm riding or driving for hours. I can really flesh out novel scenes and work through plot issues. There's something about watching scenery and disconnecting from stuff at home that spurs my imagination. Have you ever road-tripped a novel idea?

Projects will have a purpose. I'm replacing floors in my house, and doing some painting. What better time to think through a character's backstory, or develop new ideas? The more monotonous the project, the better.

How about you? Do you have goals for your writing this summer? How will you manage to keep summer activities and fluid schedules from eating up all your writing time? I'd love to know--I need even more ideas!


  1. Debbie, I get up early (5am) to write also, and I totally agree - If I can get that hour in, anything more is frosting. I also try to set aside an hour in the afternoon when the children (also 4, but ages 12 and younger) know NOT TO BOTHER MOMMY!. During the school year, how do you manage to fit in writing while homeschooling? I toy with the idea of home schooling, but the selfish side of me still wins.

  2. Same here, going to attempt to get writing done at least 3 days a week. I have two blogs I contribute to and those are paying gigs so that will keep me motivated. Turning off internet is a great idea because I have found much time wasted and little writing done after I check emails and visit blogs.

  3. My summer won't come around until November, and I've got some serious exams in the coming months. So, I'm on writing hiatus and semi-blog hiatus until I get those out of the way.

    But when I'm on writing mode, I like to lie in the sun and write, try and break from the computer and use pen to paper sometimes, and I find that I usually work best at night.

  4. @Julia- Fortunately, my kids are old enough that I can let them work independently (most of the time). It's still a challenge. Author Jody Hedlund homeschools five, and still seems to get everything done: jodyhedlund.blogspot.com/

    @Terri- Sounds like you have a great schedule set up for the summer!

    @Nina- I'm so sorry your summer isn't in the summer. I like your idea of the outdoors and pen & paper. Best of luck on your exams!


  5. The internet is my biggest writing-schedule-slasher. I alternate days where I don't go on email or FB at all. For example, I read emails and FB one day, then not the next and so on. If anyone needs to get a hold of me urgently, they call or send me a text. So far, that has been working for me.

    Another thing I do to plump up my writing time is I DVR any TV show I watch. I fast-forward through theme songs and commercials if I don't care to watch. That has helped me get my entertainment in without feeling guilty about the time I spend on it!

    I hope you all had fun on your family vacation. Have a beautiful summer!

  6. What great ideas, Janette! The every other day schedule is something I'll have to try. Thanks for sharing!




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