A Bittersweet Day

I had every intention of posting a "normal" post today. But after watching a huge section of Colorado Springs burn last night, it's hard to focus on plot and character.

Yesterday, the Waldo Canyon fire grew from 5000 acres to over 15,000 acres, burning an unknown number of homes and businesses as the wind drove it into the city. Many friends are in the terrible situation of knowing the fire burned through their neighborhood, but not knowing if their home still stands.

At the same time, today is my 25th wedding anniversary. How do you celebrate one thing, while you mourn something else? 

I appreciate everyone's encouraging words on the blog and on Facebook. I feel so blessed. I'll leave you with one last image from my friend and neighbor Kristy Simons. She took a photo of the smoke plume we saw from our town yesterday, and it's amazing to see a face in the cloud.
photo by Kristy Simons
So, a day to celebrate and mourn. Do you ever have days like that?


  1. Debbie! I had no idea it's your wedding anniversary! Take time to celebrate, friend. Even in the midst of uncertainty, sorrow, and fear, you have much to be joyful for. I know you know that. :)

    Sending celebratory hugs to you, and praying for your safety.

  2. Debbie, I've been thinking about you and the other lovely people I met at PPWC in Colorado Springs. I'm so sorry you all have to go through this.

    ...And also -- yes, bittersweetly -- happy anniversary. I wish you many, many more.

    All the best

  3. Oh gosh! I'm so sorry! Happy Anniversary?

    I hope you and your loved ones remain safe and well.

  4. I'm sorry you had to be evacuated. What a silver anniversary? Praying for your family. We are here, if we can help.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Debbie...love your photo! I am reminded of the verse in the book of Job, " the Lord gives, and the Lord takes away...blessed be the name of the Lord" Its difficult sometimes, to understand why disasters are allowed to happen. My heart goes out to those that have lost their home...I can't imagine...I'm saying another prayer for your safety, and an end to the fires.

  6. Thank you, everyone! Actually, we are not evacuated yet. We are on pre-evacuation notice, though half of our town is on mandatory evacuation. It will all depend on the wind. We're packed and ready to go.


  7. I hope you got to celebrate your anniversary, even if in a low-key way. I know there was a lot on everyone's mind that day.

    Keeping you guys in my prayers. Stay safe.



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