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You're starting a new novel, perhaps for NaNoWriMo, and it's time for a little research. Whether you're writing a historical, a fantasy, or a crime novel, there's a good chance some research will be involved. You'll find some sites by doing a search, but wouldn't it be nice if someone else had collected the links you need ahead of time? Let's face it. A few million search results takes time to comb through.

I've done a little strolling around the virtual world to find who has done exactly that. I hope you've got more sites to add to the list. If so, leave a link in the comments.

Research Links for Writers. This site is an amazing collection of resources for writers of many genres. There are links for writers of the old West and the new West, the Middle Ages, the Civil War, and the Regency era. You'll find a list of websites describing medicine, old and new. For the paranormal writers, there are resources about vampires, witches and werewolves. Do you need to know about historical modes of transportation, or ancient contraceptives? This site has the sources, and much more.

Happily Ever After. This site contains links similar to the one above, but also has lists for writers of crime fiction, and colonial and Revolutionary War history. There are also sites that deal with science and technology for the sci-fi writer. This site will mainly be of interest to those writing historical fiction, but writers of other genres will find links to some fascinating calendars and almanacs. Another page on the site contains links for sci-fi and fantasy, horror, crime/mystery, and romance.

Writer2Writer. Heavy on links for mystery writers of historical periods, this site links to a name generator, and has fascinating timelines for different countries, including a military history timeline. You'll also find a website where you can connect with a professor in a particular field, and a spot to discover how anything works.

The Romance Author's Page. Despite its name, since romance writers pen stories in every genre, writers will find a goldmine on this site. Astrology, weather, mythology, diseases. It's all here. You'll find some more excellent sources on the Virginia Romance Writers page.

WritersWrite. For the history buffs, this site not only gives links, but helpful suggestions for writing a historical. Also, check out Writer's World, for further explanation, and links to libraries in other countries.

Where the Map Ends. Tons of resources for writers of fantasy and sci-fi from writer and teacher Jeff Gerke.

Any sites you'd like to add to the list? Go ahead and leave a comment.


  1. Dear Debbie,
    Thanks for putting together this list. It's fantastic. I'll check them out.
    Are you doing nanowrimo?
    I managed to do it twice... it would be great to do it again, but not sure if I can take the stress right now.

  2. I agree with Mayra--this list is super helpful!

  3. Thank you Mayra and Jess. Several years ago I found another great list of links, but I've lost it. Hopefully, I'll come across it again.

    I am planning to do Nanowrimo, though I have an editing job that will keep me pretty busy through the end of November, so I'm not sure I'll finish. But anything I get written is more than I had before. If you do it, friend me. My user name is debso.


  4. Once again, you've given us a great source of links. Much appreciated!

  5. You are so welcome, Kenda and Deana. I lIke collecting my links in one place here on the blog so I can refer to them easily.


  6. This is priceless. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. So glad to be able to help, Henya!




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