Agent Friday: Nathan Bransford

Our agent spotlight today is on Nathan Bransford, literary agent and author with Curtis Brown, Ltd.

Just yesterday, he wrote a compelling post about Dynamic Character Relationships. Did you ever wonder why certain characters grab you, and you can't put the book down until you find out "what happens"? Bransford shows you, through a recent release, why this takes place.

For a list of essential posts on literary agents, queries, synopses, and how the publishing business works, check out the list on the About Nathan Bransford page.

A few of my other favorite posts:

Bransford lets us in on The Secret Strength of Killer Queries.

Here's a video of Nathan Bransford explaining the importance of the pitch (explaining your book concept in a few sentences).

Are you writing a series? He explains how to avoid the dreaded Acute Sequelitis.

The difference between Archetype and Cliche.

Want to be anonymous? The pros and cons of pen names.

Check back next Friday for another surprise agent. Any suggestions? Leave a comment.

Have a great weekend!

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