Agent Friday: Kate Shafer Testerman

Today's agent is Kate Shafer Testerman, with KT Literary. Kate is Denver-based, and I have had the pleasure of sitting in a workshop with she and Kristin Nelson back in January.

Kate is an avid blogger, which I love. She is also obsessed with shoes, and blogs as "Daphne Unfeasible". In most blog posts, "Daphne" highlights a query letter, then gives her opinion on whether it was effective and why. She also posts a picture of a pair of shoes, that amazingly relates to the query.

A writer learns a great deal by reading the queries of other writers. And Daphne's readers often chime in with comments that further illuminate why a particular query worked, or didn't quite convey what it intended.

If you would like to submit a query for posting on the blog, check out the guidelines here.  

To read her Writer Resources, go here.

And if you're thinking about writing a query, or sending queries out, make sure you read through as many blog posts as you can. Your query will be stronger for it.

If you'd like to know more about Kate, here are some online interviews:

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