Storytelling Tips from the Pros

 Wouldn't you love to see the credits roll--and there's your name? Most writers would consider it a dream come true to see their name on a book, much less on the big (or small) screen. What can make the possibility more likely?

Study what your readers are watching.

What shows are the ones talked about on Facebook (the virtual water cooler)? What movies generate the biggest crowds? Which dvds get snapped up the moment they hit the shelves?

These are the shows that become a writer's text book. No, they don't do everything perfectly, but they're doing something that grabs viewers and encourages them to spread the word.

It would be a nice thing to happen to your book, right?

So I've done a little of the work for you. Here are links to posts where others have analyzed what works for particular movies and TV shows. If you want more, just do a search for "storytelling tips from _____", and you'll find lots more. 

one of their own examines what makes them successful.
find out what a 'mcguffin' is, and how it can transform your plot.
This one is a book. The writers of the show carried on an email correspondence, and compiled their conversations in a book called The Writer's Tale. Fascinating.
And may the odds of a bestseller be ever in your favor.

Which movies or shows do you cull writing tips from?

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  1. You have some interesting links here, Debbie. I'll check them out while I'm on vacation!

  2. Have a wonderful vacation, Jarm!

    Thank you for your post, Janalyn. It was really helpful.


  3. This must have been a fun Google search for you because it certainly was fun for me to read your results! I especially enjoyed the tips by Hitchcock and the ones from the Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone episodes are always engaging, aren't they? Even though I don't generally watch that TV genre, once I catch a glimpse of a Twilight Zone Episode, I'm hooked and have to watch the whole thing. That's great storytelling! :-)

    Thank you for these. Be well, my friend...

  4. I put the Twilight Zone in there for my daughter, who loves it. Yes, the research was fun--I always learn something!




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