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The always-encouraging Jim Maxwell.
My dad is amazing. He's always passing on great ideas that help in my writing endeavors. Having been a journalism major, he loves the idea that several of his children and grandchildren write. So he definitely wants us to save our words in a safe place.

As writers, one of our biggest tasks is getting the words onto the page. But the next job is to make sure they stay there. Back in January I wrote a post about backing up writing, which listed several ways to get the job done.

Dad first encouraged me to sign up for Dropbox. It's an easy way to make sure my novel is saved automatically every few minutes, and it's free. Click here if you want to give it a try.

Just the other day, Dad sent me another great link. SkyDrive offers free online storage with greater amounts of cloud storage that's easy to access from anywhere. Users get up to 7GBs to ensure documents (and your amazing manuscripts) are safe and easy to access from any computer (and devices, too).

Quite a few companies have joined the online storage market. Many offer a certain amount of space for free, with paid options for more space. Check out this comparison chart to see how SkyDrive stacks up against Google Drive, Apple iCloud, and Dropbox. The nice thing is that you can take advantage of the free space from all these vendors--just be sure you know what you've stored where. Oh, and make sure that's not the only place you've saved your documents.

And after you've written the words, and saved the words, it's time to share those words. Whether in a critique group, with your family, with an agent or editor, or online to the world. Don't just keep them holed up in the cloud.

Do you spend more time writing, saving, or sharing your words?

Allergy update: So many of you have been so kind (and patient with my sporadic blogging!) during this transition into feeding my son with multiple allergies (if you missed the story, you can read it here). Things are getting better, but I'm sure getting a workout in the kitchen. This morning I've got three crockpots of different soups going, and I pulled three veggies from the dehydrator. On tap today is making 'gummies' and snack bars, and perhaps some cookies. Maybe I'll get to write in between!


  1. Thanks for the cloud tips, Debbie. I really should sign up for at least one of them...

    And it sure sounds like you've got your hands full in the kitchen, but I'm sure it's helping your son a lot. A mother's love takes us in all kinds of directions, doesn't it?

  2. Yes, it does, Kenda. Hope your manuscripts stay safe!


  3. I'm using Google Drive to share docs for a team project. I may have to use it for all my documents, as I've about blown up a desktop with too many docs. I really like the comparison chart. SkyDrive looks appealing, but it's a windows vs. mac thing. I'm more mac based with with computers at this point. Dads are very helpful!

  4. I'm so paranoid about cloud saving. Hackers are a thing. I can count my blessings that I'm not anywhere near big enough that I would have to worry about that... but what if I make it big? And then get hacked?

    Yeah... I really am paranoid! My Dad is rubbing off on me!

    I'll check these out. Thanks, Debbie (as always)!

  5. Stacy, I also use Google Drive for some critique group documents. It's nice to see everyone else's comments at the same time. I'm a Mac person, too, but I think the SkyDrive works for it. I have to look into it a little more.

    Sonia, that's a good point. I wonder if hacking cloud files has been an issue for people?


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