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The other day I featured a free site called 750 Words, where writers can find the motivation to get in the habit of writing every day. But sometimes, I don't want to be connected to the internet to write. It's far too easy to click over to Facebook or Twitter or a friend's blog.

So here's another option, for those who want to write unplugged. It's also free, but you download it to your computer for use any time. It's called Ommwriter Dana. Like the name implies, Ommwriter is a product designed to foster peaceful writing without distraction.

The program can be used with a Mac, PC, or iPad, and uses a full-screen mode that keeps writers from being distracted by the buttons at the top of the screen. A peaceful picture and soothing music (enhanced when used with headphones) keeps the focus on writing, not singing along.

Writers can choose from several fonts and sizes, and can fade the photo to a blank screen if they find it easier to write with no visual stimuli. Once writing is done for the day, the text can be exported as a .pdf or .txt file to your hard drive.

As with many free programs, Ommwriter offers a paid version, as well. Version I, which is free, comes with three audio and three visual 'experiences', while the paid version (suggested price $4.11) offers seven audio and eight visual experiences. Each audio and visual effect is selected for color and sound to "promote tranquility and stimulate creativity".

I've used both Ommwriter and 750Words for several days now, and I like them both. I appreciate the 750Words email I get each morning, reminding me to get busy, and the way my points add up when I am consistent. Ommwriter, on the other hand is nice to use when I'm trying to focus in a busy environment. What I've done is use 750Words to empty my brain in the morning of extraneous ideas and thoughts, and then switch to Ommwriter for working on my manuscript. 

Two other posts with links: combat distractability in writing and more distraction-free writing resources.

Which program do you think would help you more?


  1. My only system so far is write wen I get the time. That, my friend, is small and sometimes impossible. Except at night when everyone is asleep and I am dead tired. But I guess I do what I gotta do!

    Thanks for these resources. I love all your recommendations and find they usually are super helpful.

    I'm still working on my critiques for the writing meters, so I'll let you know my thoughts soon:)

  2. That's great advice, and a terrific habit: writing at every opportunity. I'd love to hear your opinion on the writing meters!


  3. I love the Ommwriter. I use it quite often. It makes writing feel like a treat, like a cupcake after a healthy dinner, and sometimes you need that.

  4. My thoughts exactly! It feels so soothing, and helps me to be more productive.


  5. Fascinating! I told my husband about this after clicking through to the Ommwriter site. Turns out, he already has a copy. And he didn't tell me about it! :)

    I am going to try it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. How could he keep it to himself, Andrea? Glad you found it, though. I hope it's as relaxing for you as it is for me.




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