What authors need to know about libraries

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 Whether you're aiming for traditional or self-publishing, libraries are one of your best friends. Where else will you get the kind of treatment you wish you got at the big bookstores? Open arms for a book reading? Or folks willing to not only read, but recommend your book?

It pays to develop a relationship with your local library. But it's also beneficial to understand how libraries work, so you don't accidentally step on toes. I've browsed and collected several articles that should help you navigate the world of the library.

The absolute best article I found was on Seekerville (an excellent group blog). You may not have pondered the advantages of having your book in the library. In fact, you might question if it's necessary. Read through the do's and don'ts of the library world for some eye-opening ideas. 

Fern Reiss goes into detail on five ways to sell more books at libraries. Her advice is not difficult, but I doubt I'd have come up with all of these on my own. Especially her tips on library-friendly website design.

Patricia Fry with Small Publishers, Artists, and Writer's Network (SPAWN) shares more insider pointers on selling to libraries, and includes multiple links to help you get started.

How to sell your book to libraries gives practical directions for authors to describe their book in a way that librarians will understand the benefits to their constituents.

And finally, here's a post from a librarian, explaining why they love your books: Hey Authors, Wanna Hear a Secret?
If you've sold books to libraries, leave a note in the comments sharing your experience. Have you tried doing a workshop or a reading?


  1. I'm just a library customer. :)I enjoy the programs available when I'm able to attend.

  2. I wonder if my library would take my book :D I could MAKE them take it ;) I could catalogue it myself & add it to the shelves with an A call number (signifying Australian authors/content/etc.).

  3. Wonderful advice!! Thanks for sharing these links and for posting this. It's something I don't need, YET, but hope to need one day soon:)

    I was wondering, do yo know anyone who is writing an Inspirational fiction who might be interested in joining a free workshop with an opportunity to pitch straight to an agent looking specifically for inspirational authors?
    Please let me know if you do!

  4. I wondered about how to get in with libraries. Thanks so much!

  5. @Stacy: I bet I'll see your picture books at the library someday!

    @Trisha: I think one of the articles mentioned that.

    @Ink: I hope you do need it someday! I do have two friends with finished inspirationals. I'd love to pass the info on to them.

    @Sonya: I don't know where your comment disappeared to, but I'm glad the information was helpful!


  6. Thanks Debbie! I hope it wasn't spamming to ask on your blog, but I know how hard it is to find contest involving agents who want Inspirational fiction. When I find one, I always jump at the chance! So I wanted to pass the word along to anyone who writes that genre!
    Thanks:) (hugs)

  7. Oh, and I might have tagged you in my recent blog post. Participation is completely voluntary. This is the link for you to check out:

  8. Thanks, Sonya! I'll try to answer the questions soon. I think someone else tagged me for the same thing recently, so I may as well jump in.


  9. I never thought about this. Thanks for sharing the links and information! We've got to be ready to explore all kinds of channels for sharing our work.

  10. It can be mind-boggling how many ways to share our writing, but I know it would be a huge thrill to see my book in a library. :)




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