Back-to-life Motivation

Just a quick post today. We're celebrating my daughter's 21st birthday, and her return to college. We'll head out to a drive-in movie with a huge cheesecake to share.

I'm all about motivating myself to write these days. With a summer full of family activities, home renovation, fires, and mudslides, it's hard to find the same energy to write that I had in the spring. One of the reasons is that I haven't met with any of my critique groups for a while. It's time to get those meetings back on the schedule.

For today, here's a fantastic post from author and writing teacher Les Edgarton's blog. He's the author of Hooked, a great writing book focused on hooking the reader. In this post, Edgarton shares the story of one of his writing students, where she realizes she has really become a writer. It took hard work, and she has an incredibly busy life, but she did it. And now she has an agent and a multi-book to go along with her work ethic. 

How's your motivation during these back to school days? Did you get more writing done during the summer, or are you looking forward to a solid fall schedule?


  1. I got a lot of writing done this summer, but I'm starting homeschooling in the fall--or rather more formal homeschooling, that is, since my oldest will start first grade. We'll see how my writing schedule melds into the study schedule...
    Enjoy the fall days and happy birthday to your daughter!

  2. I took three classes this summer and homework really took more time than I anticipated. During my break before fall classes, I'm writing. I need to schedule writing time just like homework. :)

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter! I didn't get as much writing done as I'd hoped this summer. Hoping for a more consistent schedule this fall and winter. And yes, I need to get my critique partner on the schedule too. ;)

  4. Faith, I'm so glad you got so much done this summer! I really hope you can find a way to keep at it despite homeschooling. It's a challenge, but your daughter will likely gravitate toward writing when she sees you doing it.

    Stacy, you've been really busy! I know it'll have a positive impact on your writing.

    Shelley, I think we need to spur each other on. I just put Katie on the plane, so next week my new schedule begins! We'll have to come up with a day.




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