Book Review and Giveaway: The Writer's Retreat Kit: A Guide for Creative Exploration and Personal Expression

Maybe money is tight. Maybe you live in a far away place. Maybe your circumstances make it impossible to leave for a writer's conference. Check out The Writer's Retreat Kit: A Guide for Creative Exploration and Personal Expression, by Judy Reeves.

This book, which comes with a set of cards, offers writers twenty different themed retreats to plan. Each of them can be further personalized in four ways. Reeves gives specific instruction on how to plan your retreat, including how to bring other writers in, if you so choose. There are also plenty of exercises to get the muse humming.

Judy Reeves has written several books for writers, each one very practical. You may also enjoy her blog, The Lively Muse. She also offers several articles on writing at her website.

Last March I created a writing getaway for myself. Some of you might be feeling the need for one now that the weather is cooling and the summer craziness is ending. I've got a brand-new shrink-wrapped copy of The Writer's Retreat Kit just waiting to fly into someone's hands. Anybody want it? Just leave a comment with your email address by midnight on Friday. I'll post the winner on Monday.

Have you ever designed your own retreat? What would you do differently next time?


  1. I could use this as I'm guessing I won't be able to attend the retreat in Florence, Italy. Sigh. stacysjensen AT gmail DOT com. hee hee I believe the heat this summer slowed me down. I'm working more as fall approaches.

  2. My group of writer friends and I always talk about doing a retreat, but things keep interfering. This sounds like such a great idea and book! ;)
    ( :)

  3. That sounds like a great writing time. Just to get away from home would be a writer's retreat to me. Writer buds and I seem to be stuck here with jobs, family, etc. Took a creative writing class once where the instructor had a "box" of cards and each day was the assignment -- eavesdropping at the mall and including those lines in a short story; working a crossword and using those words in a short story and listing page numbers where we had to chose a word on that page of a dictionary and use them in a short story. Fun times for writing.

    Jan Crow (

  4. You are blessed to be able to get away to such a beautiful location. I'd have to go hundreds of miles to find one in my neck of the woods! Last year, I found a condo where I could hide for a long weekend, in a busy downtown area. But, I still found inspiration to write! The "Writer's Retreat" sounds like a great idea...thanks for offering it as a give-away.

  5. Stacy, the Italy one does sound nice. I think I'd be a little short for that one. But I'm going to the RMC-SCBWI conference in September. That one is less than $200 if you register today. And as of now, my two friends and I can fit one more person in our room.

    Susan, it would be so fun to use the book for a critique group! I'll have to keep that in mind.

    Jan, I love those ideas your instructor had you do. They definitely would have inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

    Jarm, what area do you live in? I grew up in NYC, so I can empathise with the need to find natural beauty. Glad you didn't let that stop you!


  6. I'm organising my first retreat set for 2014 in a beautiful Australian rainforest. This kit might come in handy!

    1. Wow, Charmaine! I wish I could come along! I hope you have a wonderful and productive time. : )




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