How Many Books Do You Need?

If your answer is "just a few more", then listen up. For the next several weeks, you can download 3.5 million ebooks--for free.

The World eBook Fair has been going on for several years, and this, their fifth is the biggest year yet. The open access to the books began on July 4th, 2010, and runs until Agust 4, 2010.

So it's time to start browsing.

The books offered by the fair have been contributed by more than one hundred eLibraries worldwide. The largest collections include:
2,324,842 from The Internet Archive
750,000 from the World Public Library
250,000 from Wattpad
112,000 from  Project Gutenberg
62,000 from the International Music Score Library Project

Your first stop should be the collections page. There, you'll find an alphabetical list of specific collections offered, from childrens to chinese, military to medical, and poetry to prose. Fiction, Victorian literature, sheet music, and books from all kinds of cultures can be found.

If all that overwhelms you, simply go to the search page, and look for the kinds of books that make you smile.

Don't forget. The World eBook Fair ends on August 4th, so bookmark the page and do some browsing.

And if you need something to help you keep track of all your free books, check out Calibre. It's a free software download that helps you organize your ebooks. You can search for them in several ways, convert your own files into ebooks, and comes with a built-in book viewer so you can read different versions of ebooks.

Have fun!


  1. Should you be telling me this? Oh sure, next thing you know, you'll parade me through a bookstore. Enabler! :D

  2. Maybe it's time to buy an extra hard drive! (and clone yourself so you'll have time to read)



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