Agent Friday: Bookends LLC

This week, I'm highlighting the Bookends Literary Agency.  The team of Jessica Faust, Kim Lionetti, and Katelynn Lacopo work together as agents, and as blogging partners.

The Bookends blog is a great place to spend some time if you want to learn more about publishing and the submission process.

For instance, they keep a new and updated publishing dictionary. Are there terms you read about on agent blogs, but you're afraid to ask what they mean? This is the place to find the answers.

If you check the right side of the blog, you'll find the team's most popular posts. Things like The Way I Read, Why I Reject, and I Stop Reading When. These kinds of articles are important for writers crafting a query letter. There are also sample query letters to read.

Did you ever wonder about the differences between a synopsis and a proposal? The Bookends blog gives you the answers. There's a post about synopsis, and separate articles for fiction proposals and nonfiction proposals.

I could go on and list their posts on book contracts, word counts, and many articles on craft that I'm planning to read, but this post would get too long. You'll find lots more information about Bookends on their website, with lists of recent deals and a page of frequently asked questions.

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