Muse Online Writing Conference--It's Free!

Have you ever been to a writing conference? There's no better way to hone your skills, make connections with writers, agents and editors, and get motivated to keep on writing.

I've been fortunate enough to attend three major conferences so far. Two of the three I attended on scholarship, and the third was a wonderful gift from my family.

But here's one that you might consider, because it's not only free, it's online. So no matter the state of your budget, or which state (or country) you live in, there's no reason not to attend.

It's called The Muse Online Writer's Conference. I attended last fall, and really enjoyed the workshops I chose.

The dates for the conference are October 11-17, 2010. The only catch is that you must register before August 15th to get in for free. After that, it's a nominal $5 charge. Planners are expecting at least 2000 attendees.

What can you expect from this conference? There will be workshops and live chats with editors from publishing houses, some great agents, authors and publicists. You'll find live pitch sessions where you can pitch your book to agents, and weeklong workshops on everything from plotting to marketing. Check their website for information on how to register, and lists of the presenters and workshops lined up so far.

Registration is open now. Why don't you sign up while you're thinking about it? I just did.
The Muse Online Writing Conference 

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