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Recently I wrote about a free online writing conference called the Muse Online Writing Conference in this post. The conference doesn't start until October, but in the meantime they offer free online workshops that you can attend.

I'm excited that the free workshop offered next week, Making and Sticking to Your Writing Goals, is taught by a mom of four. She must know what she's talking about. If you'd like to attend, go here, and click register. Then you can go to the event calendar and sign up for different workshops, including the one below (I've posted the workshop description from the Muse website). Let me know if I'll see you there!

March 31, 2010
Making and Sticking to Your Writing Goals by Karina L. Fabian:  
Do you want to be a writer—but never have time to write? Do you find yourself bouncing from project to project, doing much and accomplishing little? Do you start each year with a list of goals and end each year with a heap of regrets? Multi-published author Karina Fabian will help you examine your life and your schedule, guide you in making realistic writing goals and provide tips for creating a schedule (or routine) to help you meet those goals.
As a military wife and a mother of four, Karina has “been there, done that” when it comes to putting off writing, wishing to write, regretting not writing...  Nonetheless, she’s learned to create routines and schedules that have helped her to write and publish hundreds of articles, dozens of short stories in magazines and anthologies and three novels, plus edit two anthologies. Read about her works

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