Nail that Query with Evil Editor

Queries are hard work. Lots of writers spend days and weeks trying to get it right. The good thing is that most agents I've spoken to won't hold an imperfect query against a writer--if the story premise catches their attention.

However, if you'd like some feedback on your query before you hit send, check out my guest post on the Pikes Peak Writers blog: Ready to Test-Drive Your Query Letter? Check Out Evil Editor.

Today is also graduation day for my son. This month has been chock-full of graduation events and busyness that have taken a toll on my writing. Hopefully, I'll be back in the groove next week. 


  1. I've heard of Evil Editor. I'll go check it now now!

  2. Ha, this site sounds entertaining! The cartoon picture alone draws me in. Thanks, Debbie. Heading off to Evil Editor now...

    And happy graduation to your son! I have a child graduating kindergarten next month and know I'll be a weepy mess that day. I'm sure I'll be a weepy mess for each of my kids' future graduations. But they are bittersweet tears, right? ;-)

    Be well...



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