Book Review: Blogging Made Simple: Powerful Strategies for Blogging Success

Many writers blog. Many writers don't. The decision about whether or not to blog is a complicated one. Maintaining an active blog can help authors establish their platform. But some professionals question whether it's always necessary. Like agent Rachelle Gardner, who asks Should All Authors Blog?

If you do have a blog, you want it to be the best it can be. That means learning your way around the blogging platform you choose, creating great titles and content, and maximizing your search engine visibility. (Thanks to my friend Scoti Domeij for letting me know this book is free right now.)

Blogging Made Simple: Powerful Strategies for Blogging Success is a book that can answer those questions in a concise way. Authors Michael Fleischner and Justin Fried, both well-versed in marketing and social media take a step-by-step approach to help readers make effective use of their blogs.

Chapter one helps potential bloggers with the decision of whether to blog and what to blog about. Topics addressed include: blogging for fun or business, what you should know about blogging, and setting goals.

Chapter two describes three main blogging platforms, and how to choose between them.

Chapter three gives specifics on how to set up your blog on each of the platforms. Choosing a theme, layout, and ways of content management are included.

Chapter four goes into managing your blog. This section covers making strong headlines, creating dynamic posts, using images and videos, and even the consideration of monetizing your blog, among many other topics.

Even though I'm not a new blogger, I definitely learned a few things about the Blogger platform, and some of the ins and outs of search engines that I wasn't clear on before. It's a quick read, but worthwhile.

What's your favorite tip for improving your blog? Mine is remembering the best way to tag photos so they show up on search engines. How about you?
 Update: here's a bonus I just found: a double-sided printable blog post planner. It's a free download.


  1. Oh gosh. My favourite tip? Have a few blog posts set up already so if you miss a day or two of blogging, you don't have to worry! You've got back up.

    Now, if only I could follow my own advice...

  2. I know exactly what you mean! When I've written some ahead, it's amazing how it lowers my stress. I ought to do that for next week, when I'm going to be traveling...


  3. Yeah, I agree on the scheduling posts thing. You'd think now that I have that down on Writing From the Peak that I'd get it down with my blog, but nope. I'm always scurrying at the last minute. Except when it comes to blog hops that I knew about well enough in advance and could pre-schedule, so that's something.

    Book sounds great! I will go check it out.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  4. My favorite tip is to not over think your post. Yes, it's important to write quality posts, but I know many people who wait until a post is perfect to post it. And then, of course, the posting never happens.

  5. Shannon, I wish I'd written my posts ahead this week! We're traveling, and the internet is spotty. I'm having to use my sister-in-law's computer, but only for a few minuets. Frustrating!

    Charlotte, that's really important. Sometimes it kills creativity to try to be too clever.




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