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Thank you to all who have sent good wishes and prayers for my family. A dear family member is in the hospital, but the prognosis is improving, and we're out of ICU. I appreciate all the wonderful messages!
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A while back I posted a series of resources on book trailers. That post included a whole bunch of links for authors who wanted to create their own trailer to raise awareness of their books. There are how-tos for iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and PhotoStory3, among others.

Recently, Dianne E. Butts, who guest-posted recently about creating an online newspaper from your tweets, found a free online service that allows writers to create professional looking book trailers without having to be knowledgeable about a particular software program.

In her post, Butts explains her experience with the program, and provides the trailers she made with it. Like many online programs, users can pay a fee to access more features. It looks like a great alternative to paying someone else to craft a trailer, and a good option for authors too busy to learn a new skill.

How about you? Would you make a book trailer yourself? Do you think they even make a difference? Has a book trailer ever influenced your decision to read a book, or has it cemented the choice you've already made?


  1. Haven't gotten to the point of thinking about a book trailer yet, but thanks for the info' for when that time comes. Good to see you here. Been thinking about you and wondering how things are. Glad to hear things have improved with your loved one...

  2. I have two book trailers, one for each book. They're very amateurish, really... but they were fun to do and put together. I used iMovie for my second one, and that was quite a learning curve. I would do one for each book I have.

    To be honest, I doubt they're all that effective. I've never once looked at a book trailer and thought I'd buy a book based on that. I usually rely on word of mouth and back cover blurb. But they're quite fun to do!

    Also, I'm very glad things are improving. If there is anything you need, please let me know. Hugs!

  3. Thanks so much, Kenda and Sonia! Hopefully things can settle down around here.

    I agree about trailers. They haven't ever changed my mind about reading or buying a book. I think they're more fun to watch when you know you'll read it, or after you've read it. So if I ever do one, I'd go a DIY route and not spend money on it.


  4. I typically find trailers after I read a book. The funniest one I've ever seen-still remember it, but not the book. :( That's probably a me thing and not a book trailer thing.

  5. So true, Stacy. An important consideration for those thinking about plunking a chunk of change down on a trailer.




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