NextGen Writer's Conference: Free Online Conference

Are you a young writer? Do you know a young writer? We're less than a month away from the NextGen Writer's Conference, a free online conference designed for writers twenty and under. The conference runs for two days on August 2nd and 3rd, and features an impressive presentation team for a variety of workshops.

Attendees will enjoy sessions like: 

Opening the Door to Publication
Beat Resistance & Write Like Crazy 
How to Format a Novel
What Can Video Games Teach Us about Backstory? 
How to Mess up a Submission 
Being a Teen at a Traditional Writer’s Conference
Writing Something You Love, That Others Will Buy
Making Fantasy Fiction Work for Everyone

The organizers have gone to great lengths to create a safe environment that is full of current information on craft and the pursuit of publication. Even if you're not in the right age group, you probably know a teen or young adult who would gain from a conference like this. Pass it along!

Did you ever attend a conference as a teen? Would you have gone if you knew they existed?     

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