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I've never done one of these Q&A blog themes, but since I'm running around today between errands and doctor appointments, I thought I'd give it a try. I was tagged by the fabulous Evangeline Denmark, whose blog is my go-to resource for a guaranteed laugh. I'm thrilled I'll get to hang out with her at the Pikes Peak Writer's Conference this week!

1. Book or movie and why?

Always a book. I'm usually disappointed with a screen version. As a writer, I know I'd have a hard time leaving out my character's internal dialogue. And I'm a big proponent of stealing movie themes for use in novels.

2. Real book or e-book?

Both. On the road, the Kindle is better to carry and whip out when I have a few minutes. But I miss being able to easily flip back and forth in a novel.

3. Funniest thing you've done in the last 5 years?

Goodness. Probably going backpacking with a group of wild and crazy friends. Though while sitting in a waiting room, I just had the most fascinating conversation with Maxine, an 94-year-young woman born during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. She got the flu at 3 months of age--and survived. She says she's going for 110!

4. How would your best friend describe you?

Always writing. Always thinking about writing. Always talking about writing. (My kids get on my case about this. No matter what they say, I usually respond with something like, "That's a great idea for a story!"

5. Do you put yourself into the books you read/write or the movies you watch?

I put little things in my novels that may not mean much to others, but they make my books feel like my very own time capsule. For example, the donkey in my current historical fantasy brings back memories of trying (and failing, as a city girl) to ride my cousin's donkey bareback.

6. Favorite kind of car and why?

I'm not a huge car fan, so all I need is something to get me there and back.

7. Would your choice of party be a catered meal or barbecue out back?

Barbecue. Definitely. Though growing up in Brooklyn, New York, we didn't have a barbecue or an 'out back'!

8. What's your favorite season and why?

I love the fall. The colorful leaves are the best part. Though the leaves on the East Coast have more variety, the aspen trees here in the Rockies are breathtaking.

9. What specific lesson have you learned - Spiritual, educational, occupational?

It's never too late to embark on a new career. I've only been writing seriously for five years, and I never imagined I'd discover something I love so much at this season of life.

10. Besides writing, what's your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time?

Read. Bake. Hike, and hang out with my family and friends.

11. What's one place you can be found at least one time every week?

My church. The gym. One of my writing critique groups.

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  1. I would've failed at donkey riding too, I'm sure. But that's how we get good blog posts.
    Thanks for sharing your fun answers and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the conference!

  2. Picture me with my arms around the donkey's neck. When he started galloping, I started sliding--till I was hanging in front of the pounding hooves. All 8 years of my life flashed before my eyes...


  3. Sounds like you did the right thing there...you hung on! Also, best of luck at PPWC this week!

  4. Enjoyed learning more about you--especially the fact that you've only been writing seriously for five years. Sounds like you've packed in a lot more in much shorter time than me :-)

    Thanks for tagging me--I'm on it! I'll report back in soon... :-) And have a great time at the conference!

  5. Back again here, Debbie--just reading through my blogroll and saw that another blogger I follow is going to the Pikes Peak conference: Cheryl Reif, www.cherylreif.com

    Maybe you'll meet each other while there :-)

  6. Oh, hooray! I love these Q&A posts! Thank you for tagging me. :-) I'll answer these questions on my next scheduled post on the 20th.

    I did not expect to read that you've only been writing seriously for five years. You're so knowledgeable with the goings-on in the writing world. That just speaks to how hard you work, and how dedicated you are to the craft. I had pictured you coming forth from the womb, asking for a pen and paper to jot down Word One of your first novel. Lol. It didn't happen that way, huh?

    As for starting a new career at a later point in life, I'm all for it. As long as there is opportunity and desire, following or discovering your passion is a blessing.

    Be well. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  7. Fun post, Debbie. Thanks for tagging me! I'll post mine this week. ;)

    Also good to learn so much about you. I should have known you've 'only' been doing the writerly thing for five years. ('Only' and 'five years' do not belong in a sentence together, btw.) You're so knowledgeable about the industry and such a good writer, it's no wonder you've been placing in contests and winning scholarships to conferences!

  8. @Todd: Thanks so much, it'll be fun, but exhausting!

    @Kenda: I'll definitely look for Cheryl. We'll be in the Maass workshop together, but I just heard the attendance will be over 130!

    @Janette: Actually I did enjoy writing from an early age, but I never seriously considered it more than a hobby. After high school, I didn't have time, and didn't pick it up till my own kids were in high school.

    @Shelley: You are always good for my ego! We'll have to get together and debrief about the conference.


  9. Now I know why we connect: That always writing/always thinking about writing mindset? Yeah, I get that.

  10. Thanks, Debbie...for tagging me, and for getting to know you better. Do we pick 11 new questions, or use yours? I won't be able to get to this until after the challenge, but I will put it on my iCal to remind me!

  11. I think you do the same questions, but I'll bet you can substitute others if you'd like. Looking forward to your answers!


  12. No outback in Brooklyn? I can relate to the thinking and writing thing. I'll have to do this after April - challenges, etc. See you this weekend at conference. I will not have any donkeys with me.

  13. Great, Stacy! I won't be in fear of getting trampled--except by excited writers. Are you dressing up for the costume party?


  14. Mwah hah hah hah! Challenge accepted!

  15. Debbie, I can see that we have a lot in common. I love that you write write write! I need to get back to more writing and less administrative stuff. What fun finding out all about you, you wild bare-back riding donkey lady LOL!!! I'll get my answers ready soon;)

  16. @Sonya: Looking forward to your answers!

    @Leah: Hope you can find more time for the writing. It's my greatest challenge!


  17. Hopped over from Kenda's blog - so glad I did! It's great to meet and learn a little about you. I am a retired homeschool mom (my kids are all grown now) but I can relate to the homeschool teen stretch. Those were some of my favorite homeschooling years.

    Wishing you the best with that second and third manuscript. Love the title of your blog! :)

  18. Thank you, Karen! We do have some similarities. And you're right. Teenagers are lots of fun--it's a different world from when they were small!




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