What are the Best Blogs for Writers?

I'm off to the orthodontist this morning. My fourth child (the baby of the family) is getting his bottom braces on. Our family is four-for-four: every one of our kids has endured braces. I thought we'd get to skip it with one of them!

Today's resource comes from poet and editor Robert Lee Brewer. On his blog, My Name is Not Bob, he's posted a list of 39 of the best blogs for writers.

Brewer lists the blogs in groups: Writer's Digest blogs (he works for them), and "all-star blog"s (what he considers the best of the best). Beyond that are two more lists of "great blogs" and "blogs that rock".

On his "all-star" list, I regularly read more than half of his choices. Now I've got more to check out.

If you made an all-star list, which blogs would be on it? I'd love to have some more to browse.


  1. Expensive teeth in that family!

    Thanks for the link. :O)

  2. Thanks for the link, Debbie :-) I'm familiar with some on Robert's list, but not all, so I'll have to check out a few more. A site I like, which isn't so much about writing as it is what writers share is Novel Adventurers, noveladventurers.com--"Six writers blog about their passion for culture, travel, and storytelling." They post on some really interesting subjects, book reviews, tips on photography, etc. I always learn something when I drop in there :-) Have a great day!

  3. You're right about that, Diane!

    Kenda, thanks for the tip on Novel Adventurers. I'll definitely check it out!




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