Book Review: Get Known Before the Book Deal

Today I'm listing some of the reasons I think Get Known Before the Book Deal should be on a writer's shelf. Well, actually, it shouldn't be left on the shelf. This volume, by Cristina Katz, ought to be dog-eared, sticky-noted, and excessively highlighted. 

Like mine.

I read this book long before I started blogging. Before I'd finished my first manuscript. And while I still need to act on much of Katz's advice, what I've taken to heart has been a tremendous help. So, here are my reasons why writers should check it out.

Get Known is all about establishing a platform. And even though Katz is a freelance writer, she's fully aware that fiction writers have to be more creative in establishing a platform. She divides the book into three sections: Platform Ready, Platform Set, and Platform Grow.
In Platform Ready, Katz uses her own experiences, plus short quizzes for the reader to help identify the niche writers might not even realize they occupy. She offers practical tips to figure out a writer's passions, who their audience might be, and how to begin connecting with that audience.

In Platform Set, readers will find ways to begin a web of connections that will reap rewards in the long run. From teaching, to volunteering, to hosting and more, Katz covers creative ways of helping even the shyest writers to build the relationships that will let others know who they are.

Platform Grow involves specific activities for authors with publication in mind. Katz instructs writers how to make use of their email signature, how to write the several typse of biographies they'll need, and even how to make the best of an author photo shoot. She also goes into detail about collecting blurbs, highlighting your blog, and writing a one-sheet.

Writers interested in either traditional publishing or self-publishing will find this book one of the most practical and well-used books on their shelf. Check out Christina Katz's website for more information and to sign up for her newsletter, and this interview, where Katz talks about Get Known Before the Book Deal.

What have you done to get your platform started? What are your next goals?


  1. Love it! Another great book to add to my Get List. ;) Thanks for the tip!

  2. One more for the list. I seriously need more than 24hrs a day!

  3. This is definitely one to get. And you really need your own copy so you can write in it. It was interesting to review my answers from last year and the year before.




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