Agent Friday: Natalie M. Fischer

If you're prepublished and looking for an agent, sometimes the best strategy can be to query agents just starting out in the business. Natalie Fischer has been agenting for a couple of years, and just recently moved from the Djikstra Agency to The Bradford Literary Agency, both of which are in California.

Fischer's emphasis is on commercial fiction, with a great interest in children's literature. While she is not taking queries during this time of transition, you can read more about her particular interests in fiction and non-fiction.

What's impressive is that though she's just beginning to build her list, she still takes the time to educate writers about the agenting business, and offers tips on making the search for representation a better one.

Here are some posts I think you'll be glad she wrote:

Top Questions Answered, regarding querying, how agents work with clients, trends in the business, and whether blogging helps fiction writers.

Pitching an Agent. What to do, and what not to do.

Common Manuscript Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them. The top three reasons Fischer says "no", and how to keep from making those mistakes. I really like her tips for avoiding horrible pacing. 

How to know if you and your agent should part ways. Great tips to help you discover whether you can work through the issues. 

I'm looking forward to reading more from this energetic agent. I learned a few things today. How about you?


  1. Very informative, Debbie. Thank you for introducing me to another great agent! I can't wait until she starts taking new clients again. :-)


  2. I really need to come back & check out your agent series when I'm finally ready to start querying :D

  3. Lorena-I was happy to find her. She likes retold fairy tales, which is the genre of my current WIP.

    Trisha-that's exactly what I'll be doing when I'm ready to query! It's nice to collect them in one place.




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