Agent Friday: Authoress

Last Friday, I highlighted the amazingly sarcastic agent, Miss Snark. And while the person I focus on today is not an agent, she is the first person Miss Snark ripped to pieces. This first victim decided to begin an anonymous blog of her own, entitled Miss Snark's First Victim.

I introduce to you--Authoress.

In case you're curious about the whole story of her shredding, Authoress tells all in The History, including a link to Miss Snark's actual comments.

Secret Agent Contest
Authoress has built her blog with an interesting twist. She has wonderful, humorous posts on the craft of writing and the business of publishing. However, there's more. Though she is not an agent, she connects writers to agents, through her monthly Secret Agent Contests.

It works like this: at the monthly call for submissions, writers with a completed manuscript submit the first 250 words of their manuscript (each contest is limited to the first 75 entries). All entries are posted on the blog for the blog readers to post feedback on the entries. Authoress has already lined up an unnamed agent to also give feedback on each submission, and at the end of the contest, the agent chooses a winner (or winners), and the agent reveals him or herself. The agent often considers several entries for representation.

If you look at the left-hand side of the blog, you'll see the Secret Agent Hall of Fame, which boasts big-name agents like Nathan Bransford, Rachelle Gardner, and Kristin Nelson. So, although you won't know who you're going to be critiqued by, it will be someone good.

Check out the rules if you'd like to enter the Secret Agent Contest.

And here's a link to the many success stories from the Secret Agent Contest.

Other Contests
In case you are despairing of ever finishing your manuscript and being able to enter, Authoress has some other opportunities for you. 

There's the Are You Hooked? contest, where you submit your first 250 words, and blog readers comment on whether they were hooked (or not), and why.

Then there's Drop the Needle, where you submit a 400 word snippet of an emotion-filled scene, and readers try to identify the emotion you were trying to evoke.

There are other random contests, like First Sentences, First Kiss, etc. Put the blog in your blog reader, so you won't miss any call for entries.

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  1. I love Miss Snark's First Victim--it's hard to get into the Secret Agent contests because they fill up so fast, but even if you don't get in, you can learn a lot by the comments on other people's submissions. Thanks for highlighting a great resource!

  2. I haven't tried it yet, but one of my critique partners entered the latest one. I agree that I learn so much from reading all the comments!


  3. You always have such great references to share! I love that you are in the know. Can't wait to go check out Secret Agent Contest.

  4. Thank-you so much for visiting my blog... I'll pass along your blog address to my friend who has a diabetic son. They truly are amazing individuals as I'm sure you are as you raise you children! I look forward to looking into your blog more... I adore writing and hope to someday author a book of sorts. Thanks!

  5. Hi! Came across your blog through a friend and fellow writer. Looks like a great resource! Thanks for sharing :)

    The Secret Agent Contest sounds intriguing ...


  6. Thanks, Amy, Jaime & Kim-

    (that has a nice ring to it!) I'm hoping to entrer the Authoress contest with my latest WIP, but since it's not done yet, I'll have to wait a bit. I'm excited about it, though. Anyone like retold fairy tales?




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