More Distraction-Free Writing

Last week I blogged about a few ways to keep your focus. With this being National Novel Writing Month, we can all use some advice on how to keep our brains on our manuscript. One of those was Write or Die, and the other was a program called Freedom. If you haven't checked them out, they come highly recommended.

Today, I've got another link for you. This comes from Lifehacker, where there's an article listing the five best distraction free writing tools. There are a couple of things I like about this list:

1. Four out of five of the tools are free.

2. Below the list is a graphic showing which programs got the most votes.

3. There's lots more details in the comments from users explaining the pros and cons.

Spend a few minutes to see if you could save some hours of daydreaming. Do you use a program to keep you on track, or is it your own gritty self discipline?


  1. Distraction-free writing is music to my ears, Debbie! So far, I've been using "gritty self-discipline" to stay on track, as you point out as an option in your post. To really focus, I need a quiet space, a hot cup of tea and something to munch on so I don't have an excuse to get up. :-)

    I'll look into these distraction-free writing tools. Thank you for posting these links!

  2. I've never used a programme before and while I wouldn't call my self-discipline 'gritty,' I've managed to keep myself on track.

    It helps that I get extremely bored if I'm not writing.

  3. I like your writing environment, Janette! It's the distractions that make it hard for me. The ringing phone, 'mom, can you...?', etc. And of course, I can be my own distraction!


  4. Sonia, I know you don't need a program! You've got iron self discipline!




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