Writing Despite the Unexpected: Let it inspire you.

This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning. Not what you normally expect for early October, but I do live a mile and a half high in the Rocky Mountains. Thankfully, it was a Saturday, and we had already changed our original plans due to the forecast. It turned into a stay-in-pajamas, make-a-hearty-breakfast, go-sledding kind of day.

And writing, of course.

It got me thinking about how life throws unexpected things at us. It's up to us as writers to make sure we take advantage of them, instead of getting derailed by them.

A couple of things came to mind.

This photo was taken at 5 inches. We ended up with 8.
Get inspired by your interruption. Whatever event has tossed your life like a salad bowl, channel it into writing. Whether a grief, a loss, a change in plans or career, taking a few minutes each day to journal your feelings as you walk through it can not only help you vent and process it, but leaves a record you can refer to one day. These words might inspire a memoir, or give depth to a future character going through something similar.

Fight to write. Some of my best writing has come during those times when I don't have time. When I deliberately make a decision to write, despite having the best excuses imaginable. Maybe I tap into some different level of creativity when I know I have only a few minutes before someone demands my attention. Desperate writing forces me to leave off flowery descriptions and meandering thoughts. Just the basics on the page.

Do your interruptions inspire you or derail you? Sad to say, I get distracted more often than not. Any advice on how you stay on track?


  1. Wow--unexpected, but beautiful!!
    And very inspiring post. The best writing advice I've ever received was from my husband: "When you plan to write and get interrupted by life, that's God taking over that writing moment. Just trust that everything happens for a reason, and work with it." I suppose this might sound like an easy cure-all, but it works. (And he's a writer, too, so i make him stick to his own standard!) :)

  2. Beautiful words, Faith! And what's it like being married to a writer? I feel lucky I married a reader!




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