Monday: Give a Child a Treat Today--and enter to win a chapter critique!

Naomi on her first hayride.
Your doorbell might be ringing today. And if you've planned ahead, you may have a big bowl of candy to give away to little monsters and princesses. But I'd like to tell you about a little boy who isn't dressing up today.

His name is Jacob. He lives in an orphanage in the Philippines. He's the oldest one there. He has endured the heartache of watching family after family come to adopt children.

But never him.

Two years ago, his best friend Naomi enjoyed that wonderful experience. A family of five flew from Colorado to the orphanage, and embraced their daughter for the first time becoming a family of six.

Naomi made sure to introduce Jacob to her new family. And this is what Jacob said to them, "I love America. Take me with you."

Naomi picking her pumpkin. She brings a smile to everyone.
After years of paperwork, waiting, paying fees, and waiting some more, the Worthy's finally reached their goal of bringing Naomi home. She fits their family perfectly. But each of them couldn't stop thinking about Jacob, waiting in the orphanage. Lonelier than ever.

So they've decided to bring him home, too. No more being the oldest. No more separation from his best friend. No more having the label 'orphan'.

But here's the problem. The Worthey's are tapped out after the huge financial commitment of adopting Naomi. They've been matched with Jacob (a miracle in itself, since the government could have 'picked' another child for them). All they need is $12,000.

So, to give them a boost, I'm hosting a giveaway. I'm offering a manuscript critique of 4000 words. It can be chapters, a query, synopsis, whatever you'd like feedback on.

Here's how to enter. Head to the Worthy's blog, Empty the Orphanage, and click the 'Chip-in' icon where you can make a secure donation. Then leave a comment here, and I'll add your name to the hat (no need to tell me how much you donated--just say "I donated"). Any donation of $10 or more makes you eligible. And since I'll be doing the critique via email, your location doesn't matter. The winner will be selected by on Friday morning.

Would you give Jacob a treat today? Thank you so much!


  1. No brainer - I donated.

    Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

  2. Thank you so much, Wendy! I really appreciate it.


  3. I donated this morning.I always wonder how families can afford adoption. I was looking into the costs the other day ... it's a tough financial decision.

  4. Thank you, Stacy! Since you live locally, maybe you can meet Jacob next year. His mom says anyone who donates is considered to be part of their family.




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