Writing Video Roundup: Learn from the Masters

Once upon a time, writers were either lucky or rich enough to hear masters of the craft speak about their work. Now, with the access the internet provides, the opportunities for learning are endless.

Two of my online friends have pointed me to videos I wouldn't have been aware of otherwise. Author Beth Vogt shared a video today from writing teacher James Scott Bell. It's a short, humorous piece focusing on the topic of writer frustration.

And the incredibly helpful C. Hope Clark, founder of Funds for Writers (an excellent site), shared a GalleyCat link to five college-level writing and literature videos. Since most of us can't expect to sit at the feet of such writers as Ray Bradbury and Clive Cussler, these videos are the next best thing.

Any recommendations for your best video tutors? Leave a link in the comments for the rest of us to check out.


  1. Love these resources — both of these writing blogs and the videos.

  2. Those sound like great videos! I don't have any to add as I have crappy internet and haven't been able to explore the world of online video properly yet.

  3. Thanks Stacy & Trisha. I try not to post too many videos, since many of my international readers don't have the connection speed to make use of them. But some are too good to pass up!




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