Time to Write Your Novel? Free Resources to Help You Get It Done

We all have to start somewhere. And tackling a novel is not a project for the squeamish. Avoiding the pitfalls of many writers is a tangible goal, with the help of the internet. Fortunately, there are plenty of writers who take the time to share what they've learned on the journey.

Two of those are Sue Viders and Becky Martinez. Viders is also one of the authors of The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes & Heroines, which I reviewed last week.

These authors have set up a site, Write That Novel, that gives all the information new writers need. Each section contains concise explanations and exercises for practicing what is learned.

There are pages on beginning, basics, plotting, and character. From there, writers can learn about setting, dialogue, pacing, and editing. Once the work of writing is complete, there are pages teaching about getting published; covering the search for agents and editors. There's even a page of helpful forms, like character charts, and printable pages to help keep track of who you've submitted to. And a tutorial on marketing your book.

Of course, if you've written a novel, it's not enough to edit it yourself. It's important to find a critique group, whether in-person or online, who can help you see what you've overlooked. Viders and Martinez have begun a blog, called The Critique Corner, that will cover what critiquing is all about.

Sure, these hard-working writers could just focus on their own work. No one would blame them. But they've taken the time to virtually mentor any writers that discover their site. 

Do you know some generous writers?


  1. Just followed your link and posted a comment there on the Critique Corner. Excellent site, thanks for directing me there!

  2. You're so welcome. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!




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