Book Review: Writing the Paranormal Novel: Techniques and Exercises for Weaving Supernatural Elements Into Your Story, by Steven Harper

The paranormal genre is not going away. Why? Because there are so many permutations of vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, fairies, ghosts, and witches. Don't forget about the zombies, shape-shifters, time-benders, and gods. All these characters can be placed into romances, thrillers, mysteries, and science fiction.

Maybe you've felt the need to get on the paranormal bandwagon, but you're not sure if you'd be a success. The first place to start is to hone the craft of writing itself. A great writer will write great paranormal novels. Books that will rise to the top of the ever-expanding heap of novels in the genre.

In the book's fifteen chapters, Harper gives the definition of how paranormal differs from a "normal" novel. He breaks down the elements needed, and explains why just adding a vampire or ghost to your completed novel will not make it a paranormal.

Harper helps writers craft three-dimensional paranormal characters, and spends time on the nuances of the paranormal plot and pacing. With great humor, he offers examples from published books, and exercises for the writer, like how to create a unique supernatural object that will be a central focus of your book. 

Writing the Paranormal Novel can give writers the tools they need to step into this ever-expanding genre with confidence. Check out Harper's blog and website, too.

Note: I found a few more resources from this author. Check out his downloadable forms for creating vampires, new cultures, and ordinary people that will inhabit your paranormal story. And this page has his excellent article on Interviewing Techniques for Researching Your Novel.

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