WriteOnCon highlights

Please don't think I'm obsessed with WriteOnCon or anything. It's just that I learned so much yesterday, I don't want anyone to miss out. Some workshops are written (like a blog post), others are video workshops (most only 6-10 minutes), and a few are live chats (which you can read through anytime--not just during the chat). There are also online forums to read on topics like agent questions, querying, and pitching.

Browse through these links to see what might interest you. And then, head over to WriteOnCon to take advantage of today's workshops. WriteOnCon ends tomorrow, but the links will stay up.

A humorous look at the realities of writers' submissions.

I learned she likes a query in the voice of the book's character over the author's voice. It gives her an idea of whether she'll like the MS. She recommends that writers, while querying, start the next book.

She prefers a live website before receiving a query--it's not an absolute, but a professional looking website will impress her. Headshot, bio, news page, what I write. A blog counts.

Two editors and an agent give a realistic view of the publishing process.

 I bookmarked this. Great information.

I loved this video. Learned several new tips.

This workshop leads writers through the process of working on setting.

One of the most encouraging videos. For anyone who has ever considered throwing in the towel. This author had every reason to and didn't, and now she's a NY Times bestselling author.

For anyone who's thinking about coauthoring a book.

Which of these caught your eye? Will I see you at WriteOnCon today?


  1. Oooh! I know someone who could use that don't give up video!

  2. It really was encouraging--especially seeing her vast stack of unpublished manuscripts!


  3. I've been loving WriteOnCon too!


  4. I'm so glad they have this to where you can go back and look through it all. I have had this marked on my calendar for months and wouldn't you know when the time comes I can't do it. I will get to it though. The run down is amazing!

  5. I wasn't able to get on as much on Wednesday, but I hope to catch up today!


  6. Hard to believe this year's WoC was even better than last year. It will take me several more days before I get through all of the material.

  7. Me too. We're getting my daughter off to college, so time is at a premium. It's great that everything stays up!




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