Author Summer School: Starting Now (find out how to attend for free)

 How would you like to learn the basics of writing, publishing and marketing--for free? Starting right now, and going through August 10th, 2011, the Author Summer School is in session. And there's no tuition.

During the week-long school, eighteen experts will share on topics vital to writers trying to finish books, deciding whether to pursue traditional or self-publishing, working on fiction or non-fiction topics.

Head to the Author Summer School page to see a list of the experts and the courses they'll teach. If you sign up, you'll first get an email inviting you to join the "Dean's List Club". The Dean's List does have a cost, and you are under no obligation to join. It gives users recordings of the sessions, and extra materials, but users of the free portion can access the sessions for 24 hours after the live class. 

The second email will contain an orientation video, and links to each of the classes.

The classes included are:
The Most Essential Facts Every Potential Author Needs to Know
Simultaneous Book Writing and Publishing
Get Your Book Under Contract With a Literary Agent or Publisher
Non-Fiction Bestseller's Formula: Here's How You Can Stand Out
How to Write an Ebook in 72 Hours or Less
Going Beyond the Book: Fast, Easy Product Creation for Authors
LinkedIn Marketing for Authors
Expert Panel Open Q & A
Getting Into Holiday Gift Guides
Be the News
Fans, Followers, and Friends: How to Maximize and Monetize Social Media
Creating "Bestseller" Status to Enhance Your Business and Brand
How to Get Your Book Into All Types of Stores-Internet, Book, Retail Stores and more
Matthew Bennet's: "How I Sold Millions of Books"
Make Your Book a Bestseller, Make Big Money, Make a Difference

The summer is a great time to learn, whether it's reading a book on craft, or taking a workshop or online course. How are you learning this summer?


  1. Sounds cool. Going to look into it. Thx!

  2. What are the extra materials and would it be worth the cost to pay for them?

  3. Hi Roz! You can see the extra materials at this link:
    It costs either three payments of $59 (totalling $177), or one payment of $147. You'll want to read through the offerings to see if they're something you'd like.


  4. Hope you find something helpful, Terri!


  5. Looks interesting, Debbie. I'm signed up for the basic program, thanks to you.

    Annis Cassells

  6. Glad to help, Annis. Hope you learn some great information!


  7. This sounds like a great initiative. Thanks for the info

  8. You're welcome, Lynda. Hope you get something out of it!




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