When roadblocks get in the way--Encouragement from author Sherrilyn Kenyon

Writing is hard. Writing with huge boulders blocking your way is even harder. How do you keep going when everything in life seems to point at quitting?

Sherrilyn Kenyon has been there. Many times. She gave a keynote address at the recent Romance Writers of America conference, detailing exactly how she's kept going in the face of discouragement, medical issues, finances, rejection, and much more. If you've ever wondered if circumstances were telling you to quit, you should read her story first.

The complete transcript of her speech can be found at this link on Kenyon's Facebook page. If you're not able to access it,  she shares the same story on her blog.

Here's a quote to get you started:
"I am a case study in if you want it bad enough... if you’re willing to fight and believe, you can do it. Believe me. If I can be here, so can you. You just have to steer that ship through the storms and no matter how foggy the day, believe that there is a safe harbor somewhere out there and that you will find it."
Stories like these are one of the reasons I love to go to writer's conferences. It's all about one writer encouraging another to keep going.

Who has encouraged you when you were ready to quit? And have you been able to do the same for someone else?


  1. I was blessed to hear Sherilyn Kenyon at Moonlight& Magnolias Writers' Conference 2 years ago. Her story is powerful and worth the read. What is so great is she harbors no bitterness or resentments and she's absolutely delightful. It makes you happy for her and her success!

  2. Kenyon's story is very inspiring--thanks for the link :-) As for those who have encouraged me (and I hope I encourage in return): the two other ladies in my writers' critique group. What a good day it was when we met and formed our group!

  3. Kenyon's story is so like what I have read about other authors and their struggle to get published. I feel inspired despite the rejections that come in the mail almost weekly.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow. Makes everything that I have or haven't done seem trivial. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. It really inspired me--and reminded me that however long publishing takes me, I need to be sure and share the ups and downs with those who might be thinking about giving up.


  6. That was so awesome, I almost cried. Stories like these are so inspiring.

    I find that, strangely enough, my biggest cheering squad actually consists of the people I've met online. They're so supportive, and generous (like you, Debbie, who helps aspiring authors with this blog), and have been there to pick me up when I've fallen to pieces.

    I am so very fortunate to know them all.

  7. I know what you mean. I teared up, too. I don't know if I would have kept going if I were faced with the same circumstances.

    You're right about online friends. Who would have thought that people you've never met could encourage you so much?




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