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I've hit on a mountain of great resources today. And they're all in one place. Stephie Smith is a published writer of short stories and essays, an she generously shares a huge list of resources on her website.

It's hard to capture all the information  Stephie Smith shares on her website, but I'll try to give you a taste. You'll definitely want to visit and place a bookmark there so you won't forget to go back for more.

On the Writer's Resource page, Smith lists links for general writers resources like how to pitch,  and contests and exercises.

If you're a writer of historical fiction, Smith has all kinds of links for you. Need information on historical coinage? Want the lowdown on ships and naval history? How about links to historical costumes? She's got links to all that and more.

Beyond that, Smith lists websites to learn about agents, and links where bloggers (and bloggers-to-be) can learn the ins and outs of setting up and maintaining a blog. There's a comprehensive list of links for writers to learn about the craft of writing, and information on various genres. 

For those trying to make writing a business, there's lots of information on money, taxes, and freelance jobs. I'll be checking out those links for sure. And Smith lists all kinds of helpful links for pitching, promoting, and publishing your book.

Speaking of promotion, she's got a whole separate page for authors who've gotten "the call". The Promotion Page  contains links for anything and everything an author needs to do to make sure they're promoting their book.

And one more page from Smith: as a Windows user, she's written an easy-to-understand course to take the frustration from computer users. You can access the first part of the course for free, in the Basics of Windows.

Kudos to Stephie Smith for sharing her time and talents on these pages! For more generous authors, check out author resources.

Did you find something helpful today?


  1. Again with link that I could really use. Thanks so much!

  2. You're welcome. When I have more time, I need to really spend some time at her site.




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