They've Done It Again: Check Out the Weather Thesaurus

The talented ladies of The Bookshelf Muse don't seem to rest. You may remember the post a while back about the emotion thesaurus, setting thesaurus, symbolism thesaurus, and color, shape & texture thesaurus.

Well Becca Puglisi and Angela Ackerman are cooking up something new. It's a weather thesaurus. Weather can be such a huge part of a novel's setting, and these bloggers remind us that weather can also play into, or reflect a character's mood or the level of tension.

It makes me wonder where I'm missing opportunities to use weather more in my novel (though we do have to be careful not to go overboard). In one scene, my main character is leaving everything she knows and heading off on a journey she's certain she's not qualified for. I chose to have a steady rain reflect her thoughts.

Words puddle in my head, drowning out the fat drops pounding about me, gluing leaves to the path and spattering my gown and cloak with muddy water. I’m thankful the downpour prevents conversation, for I need time alone with my thoughts. Were I able, I would pluck each idea like polished river stones and line them up for examination. But they are caught by the current in my head, and I can scarcely think on one for a moment, before another takes its place.

I need to think through my finished chapters to make sure I haven't made the mistake of having sunny days throughout the book. Maybe I'll write in a little fog, or a hailstorm. I'll definitely be checking The Bookshelf Muse for ideas.

How have you used weather in your writing?

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