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On Friday,  I posted links to four great blogs. Here's another four, and an idea. If you come up with a post helpful to writers between now and April 30th, leave a comment with a link on this article. On Monday, May 2nd, I'll link to those writing posts. It can cover craft, motivation, time management, helpful tips--whatever you think emerging writers can use.

Here are today's blogs:

Our first blogger is Andrea Mack, a children's writer. Her blog, That's Another Story,  should not be discounted by writers of fiction for adults. Many of the issues writers deal with are the same, like her post on top writing frustrations

Here's what Andrea says: "Thanks for the opportunity! On my blog I share thoughts about issues specific to writing for children. I also have a weekly feature, the ABCs of writing for middle graders, where I encourage discussion about an aspect of writing for this tricky age group."

Josh is a fantasy and science fiction writer, who keeps up with two blogs. Both are excellent. On Through a Glass Darkly, he posts personal viewpoints, like his struggle with validation as a writer (don't we all?). Write Strong is a great site I'll be visiting regularly. The most recent post is 9 Must-Read Blogs for Writers, by Agents and Editors.

Josh says: "Very much a fan of the blog, and am glad it has remained active so long. Hope you don't mind, but I've got two on my end. One is my personal blog at, where I share in my writing adventures. The other is, where I compile resources and tools for aspiring writers to hopefully take advantage of."

Next up is Jenn, one of my fellow SCBWI members. She has a unique twist on her blog that I haven't seen anywhere else--taking readers into the workspaces of writers and illustrators. I'm completely jealous of this one, where the author writes in an adorable trailer in her backyard.

Here's a hello from Jenn: "Congratulations on your 300+ posts! I love your blog. I always perk up when a new post from you pops up in my Google reader. My blog has mostly been featuring interviews with children's writers and illustrators about their workspace (Creative Spaces interviews). Occasionally I add posts about something else (often writing related) and I have intentions to update with more of those and add more variety to my blog in the near future (but priority #1 for me with my writing time has been finishing my revisions right now)."

And last, but not least, is Kenda, journeying the writing road with the rest of us. I love reading about the writing road of others, and Kenda is no exception. Recently, she shared Think Small: An Exercise to Help Grow Your Writing.

A couple words from Kenda: "Congratulations, Debbie, on reaching--and surpassing--300 posts! Your place is a great source for writing helps and tips. Hats off to you :-) At my blog, Words and Such, ( I share a bit of my writing journey on the way to publication while passing along some of the things I learn as I go. In this way I hope to encourage others in their journeys, too..."

It was so fun featuring these blogs. I'm really looking forward to sharing your writing posts on May 2nd. Are you in?


  1. Thanks for the mention! This is really a great idea for boosting awareness in the writing community!

  2. Congratulations Debbie! I've really enjoyed your blog since I started my writing blog ( several months ago. It's been really fun to read about these other writers too. I'm highlighting picture book authors for the A-Z Blogging Challenge this month--each day I include a piece of advice for writers from these successful authors.


  3. You're welcome, Andrea! It's fun to share some of the bloggers I've gotten to know.

    Carla-hopefully I'll be featuring you sometime soon. That sounds like a great series!


  4. Thanks so much, Debbie, for the mention :-) And I am heading over to check out the other blogs, too. What a great way to help us meet others!



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