Writing Groups: Savvy Authors

Our next writing group is Savvy Authors, a group for both published an aspiring writers. The free version of membership allows users to enjoy the forums and articles on the site. Many more options are available for a membership fee.

Whether you join or not, here are a few articles that will give you an idea of the information offered. I'll definitely be back to read more from Savvy Authors.

How to Build a Hero. A great article on how to make your hero easy to sympathize with, yet exciting. It comes with some great lists for must-have qualities in your hero.

Learn to Be a Careful Critic. Learning to critique the writing of others is an important skill. The author gives tips on thoughtful analysis.

Things I've Learned from Writing Contests. Believe it or not, you can learn more about your writing if you "lose" a contest, than if you win.

When Words Get In the Way. Is your manuscript bloated with too many words? Does touching the delete button put you into a cold sweat?

Getting the Joy Back. Have you lost your drive to write? Maybe the break you took over the holidays is threatening to extend into a major writing hiatus. The articles' author details seven ways to get back on track.

It's Not a Competition. Honest. For writers who feel threatened by the success of others, a great perspective.

These articles are just a small sample of what Savvy Authors has available. Check them out. 


  1. Just checked out Savvy Authors--looks like another treasure trove of information. Once again, thanks for a helpful link. You find some great sites!

  2. Thanks for the Savvy Authors link!!!

  3. It's amazing how many cool groups there are. Savvy Authors has quite a few interesting options for members--including a cliche finder.




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