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Did you read an email ad this morning? Listen to a radio advertisement or TV commercial? Those words were written by copywriters

Copywriting (not to be confused with copyright, as in the rights to someones words) is basically writing to promote a business, a product, or an idea. It is a type of freelance writing. Copywriting touches us every day in magazine and newspaper ads, website content, brochures, radio and TV scripts, press releases, letters and mass mailings, even billboards. As a writer, you have the opportunity to learn how to earn by copywriting. It's a great way to help pay the bills while you're on the road to publication.

To be a good copywriter, you must work to develop these qualities:

Be creative. Dull copy won't draw in customers. Copywriters must paint a picture of the product or service that catches the consumer's interest.

Be concise. Copywriters usually work within a tight word limit. Being able to get to the point quickly, yet creatively is an art. Not to mention, there is usually a quick deadline.

Aim for conversion. Conversion is the term for action on the part of a consumer. The person who scans a web page, and then clicks the "buy" button, has been "converted", meaning the writer has convinced them to take action. This calls for compelling writing.

Excellent copywriters make large salaries, but even entry-level copywriters can look forward to a paycheck. Sites like Elance and Odesk list companies looking for copywriters.

If you're interested in learning more about whether copywriting is for you, American Writers & Artists, Inc. is hosting a free webinar to give writers more information.

CopyBlogger lists 10 Steps to Effective Copywriting, along with many other resources.

Here's a link to a series of Free Copywriting Tutorials.

And even more resources from CopyWriting.com.

Do you think copywriting might be for you? 


  1. Thanks for the short, informative article, Debbie. You always write such great content on your blog.

  2. Thank you, Mayra. I've only done a little copywriting myself. I much prefer fiction, or editing.




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